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Kaitlyn. 20 years old. Polyamorous and pansexual. I live in the lovely Washington State. My hobbies include late night Netflix binging, not getting enough sleep, and talking to my dog. Feel free to message me! Tumblr: be-my-kittenn


Last time I posted on here, I met so pretty cool people. So here we are again. Names Matilda, 17, bi & from good ol’ Australia. If you honestly just want more pictures of my cat, that’s ok too 🤷🏽‍♀️

Don’t be scared to chat me up, just looking for some friends 😅

Insta: matilda.johnsy

Sc: tiillyyj

Tumblr: fortunately-amazing


Hi hello, just trying to meet cool people and make you laugh. Come say hi. 🙂 @poppanugget


🗣 hi ♡

My name is Emily, theres plenty to learn about me and even though I wont get noticed that much it was worth a try 🖤

hello! i’m sky and i’m from nc. i …

i’m sky and i’m from nc. i study biochemistry with the eventual hope of dental school. i love reading, thrifting, cheesy romance movies, and exploring new cities. i’m looking for friends to snapchat/talk on here! i love talking to people with big dreams/passions so if you wanna talk about loving life i’m your girl :))) come say hi!


I’m Julie – tiny Canadian – artist of di…

I’m Julie – tiny Canadian – artist of different kinds.
Insta: JulieBArsenault


Hey I’m Lillie, I am 16 years old although I don’t act like it. I’m masculine and I like girls. Looking for friends of more.


Names finis, just turned 25 December 8 #sagseason , i am single and a fem, love to watch Asian dramas , listen to kpop , all types of music. Full time student , would love to get to know someone new and vibe 😊



Nonbinary queer being looking for new friends etc. Especially around London maybe as I’ll be moving there soon!


I’m Linnea, 20 years old, bi, and from C…

I’m Linnea, 20 years old, bi, and from Chicago. Double majoring in planetary science and applied physics. Been dancing my whole life.

Looking for more people to talk to, and maybe more, who knows? If you want to get to know me hmu

Insta: leninardo.dicaprio

SC: lenigurl22 (made it in middle school rip)


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