Selina. 21. Knoxville, TN This is my last shot…

Selina. 21. Knoxville, TN
This is my last shot @ finding a wife before becoming a crazy cat lady.
Only child raised by hippie millionaire stoners, thinking I’d never turn out like them. But here I am gay with a pan of brownies in my freezer at all times.
Finance major @ UTK graduating ‘19ish
5’8” & dreaming of not being the taller one
Kitten foster mom, but I ended up keeping 2 so I guess I’m done fostering
Obsessed with cleaning
Terrible taste In music & TV shows but I love it
Spends too much time watching YouTube lesbian couple and then crying
Vodka is a staple in my home, which is supplemented with red wine
I claim that lesbian fuckboy is my type, but also girls in heels can kill me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please ignore the blog I submitted this from, I named it when I was 15.
Tumblr: it’s-i-not-e
Insta: selina.g97
Finsta: sh17_happens


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