Looking to find someone.

Submitted before but it’s always worth another try



Natasha. New York. Just aced my poetry writing class, and when I’m not out enjoying life I’m at work. Love movies and going for walks. Catch me at your local target 😅. Tumblr- @lovethoughtswords






I’m Mari, 24, hard femme and sociology student almost graduating university and studying for masters. Proud owner of cats, living in an apartment full of plants like an urban jungle, spending my days watching netflix, cooking and getting high. I’m looking for new friends and new blogs to follow (:



I need new people to talk to, hmu 🙂




I dyed my hair again 🙂 because the red one faded so don’t worry im still a vampire who looks for a witch to love. Be my darlin, and my everything cute gal. Let’s watch the moon and stars together. If you are the one I would love to spend my life with you 😊

Tumblr: @sabthevampirebitch

Snapchat: official.sab26

Ig: sab_sabber_sabbest



Billie (real name is Brittany). Single, 22, lesbian. I’m looking for a gf, possibly someone to come home to one day, same interests and morals as me. Definitely new friends. If you know more than “wyd,” are not boring, and love deep conversations, then add my Snapchat: yoursistertho. Message me any time! 💕



sup hoezz

‘ello, babes. 😋

sorry about my title. im alil immature.

my names makaila [pronounced like “makayla”, just an i instead of a y], but, literally, just call me mikey. im nineteen, but, yES, im still in highschool. dOnT jUdGe – im single as fuck, have been for about a year-ish now. i am looking for a relationship, but im not too quick to jump into one.

some other stuff you might wanna know about me is, im bisexual/pansexual, which ever. theyre pretty much the same. i use both male and female pronouns, so idc which you decide to use. im into some pretty weird shit, sexually. tEeHeE 😊

wow im cringe –

im extremely into art, and things along those lines. art has always been a passion of mine. i really like animals as well, and i hope to prosue a job in the animal field. i really like makeup, though i dont wear it much. i am also kinDa obsessed with the office, so just know, i do reference it a lOT.

okii 🙄

these are my socials:

tumblr- @ llonelybaby

instagram- @ y.outhfvl

kik- @ pizzaqu.n

snapchat- @ mac0x


Hey, I’m Kirstie! I’m 23, and from…

Hey, I’m Kirstie! I’m 23, and from Scotland. Come talk to me? 🤙🏻



hi, I posted on here once before but here I am again. I’m looking to make some friends. Ones that can hold a conversation. hit me up!

snapchat: stephy.oxox




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